Popular Zhengzhou marathon offers leg-up to cultural tourism development

ZHENGZHOU, China, Nov. 11, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/–The “Bank of Zhengzhou Cup” 2023 Zhengzhou Yellow-River Marathon, kicked off in central Chinese metropolis city Zhengzhou on Oct. 29.

As the largest public fitness event with the largest number of participants held in the capital city of Henan Province this year, Zhengzhou marathon, which made a comeback after a lapse of three years, was as popular among runners as before.

The “Bank of Zhengzhou Cup” 2023 Zhengzhou Yellow-River Marathon kicked off in Zhengzhou.

This year’s Zhengzhou marathon highlighted features of the Yellow River, China’s second-longest river. In addition to the main urban track that connects the city’s landmarks, a new track for healthy running of about 6 kilometers was set up along the Yellow River tourism highway, enabling runners to have a taste of the charm and culture of the Yellow River at close range, according to the Organizing Committee.

Zhengzhou also joined hands with Lanzhou, Dongying and Wuzhong, the three cities also hosting marathons along the Yellow River, to launch the Yellow River marathon series, among which Zhengzhou marathon was the final section.

This year’s Zhengzhou marathon attracted nearly 40,000 participants. In marathon and half-marathon events, 71.21 percent of the applicants were from outside Zhengzhou.

Through a series of preferential measures, the organizers not only brought good competition participation experience to runners, but also attracted them to stay longer in Zhengzhou.

The marathon has expedited the integrated development of the city’s culture, tourism, sports and other industries. It’s estimated that the event has generated cultural tourism consumption and industrial benefits of 146 million yuan, with its spillover effects leading to benefits of more than 732 million yuan.

The “Bank of Zhengzhou Cup” 2023 Zhengzhou Yellow-River Marathon has fully displayed the city’s profound cultural heritage and modern urban landscape, showering runners from across the country with local hospitality and enthusiasm and impressing them with the city’s openness and inclusiveness.

Meanwhile, the city’s unique geographical location, important historical and cultural status and martial arts traditions have been further promoted thanks to the event.

Source: The Organizing Committee of 2023 Zhengzhou Yellow-River Marathon

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