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It is not the website, it is Pakistan’s biggest platform to find out the news related to all kinds of sectors and industries. The website brings you the domestic, regional, and international news related to Pakistan. The website is among the top online news websites of Pakistan, which are recognized internationally and our website has been in the news industry for many years. The main objective of our news website is to make every single person get aware of happenings around him/her and as it is the main objective of our news website so we ensure that the news which gets published, does not have any sign of being prejudiced for or against any specific group, community, and castes. Neither the website has any sort of a hidden political agenda nor does it have any political affiliation, and that is because the website values the norms of journalism.

As this website values the norms of journalism, so it helps to be away from publishing any kind of fake or inauthentic news. Making a name for any news website in the news industry is not an easy task as it requires non-stop hard work and devotion to provide authentic news for the masses. This is what the team behind Newsfeed, understands and to ensure that “only authentic news is being published” on the website, the team behind Newsfeed, keeps on evaluating the credibility of our news sources as they are the lifeline of our news website and if they provide us even one single inauthentic news, so it will ruin our renowned name which we have achieved in the news industry after a long struggle.

The website has always been ahead of other news websites of Pakistan when it comes to supporting the local businesses to reach international markets and dominate them. Through availing our press release services, even those businesses have dominated the international markets, which even did not think of for a minute while availing our services, but now they have become the famous brands. This all happened because our international readers trust what is published on the website and their trust we have achieved through carefully following the direction of what the norms of journalism guide us.
Let’s meet on social media platforms because we want to get your valued feedback regarding all kinds of news on our news website and in this regard, our availability is ensured on all the social media websites by the devoted social media team of Newsfeed. The readers of our news website have been using our services such as daily email news alerts and RSS News Feeds since the launch of our news website.