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Want to kick off your car business? Meet Beepi, an App that gets you an edge over entrepreneurs

Date: May 6, 2016 Author: Web Desk Category: Blog Short URL Comments: 0

What is it all about?

You will come across various sorts of Apps that are to help you in finding a car for both selling and buying purpose and they are even making you come across a dealership, when you make up your mind to buy a one. As the technology is evolving rapidly, so you will have noticed that lots of businesses have adapted to the latest and much advanced trends in order to grab the right audience and make them loyal customers. And the same way that evolution has also changed the direction of the Car’s business and that you can witness through coming across the bunch of Apps that makes you buy and sell out cars. Since these Car Apps have come into the limelight so that opened up a window for those entrepreneurs, who did not have enough investment to kick off their car’s business journey.

Beepi, an App that makes you grab a right car

Well! If you are about to name Beepi, as all those of similar Car Apps, it means that you have not understood it properly, because it has the exciting features that makes your buying and selling car’s experience much ideal and for that you will have to go through the insight of Beepi thoroughly. Beepi happens to be an App that makes you buy and sell out used cars in 16 metro areas in nine states without coming across a dealership or a test drive.

Alejandro Resnik, a founder of this exciting App

According to the Founder of this App, Aljedandro Resnik, every single company kicks off with a group of entrepreneurs, who consider something is true but that disagrees with what everyone else thinks. He further went on to say that they came across one fact that the most people do not buy a car without getting a test drive of that car, so the team behind this App, came up with an idea of coming up with properly inspected the cars and money-back guarantee with the cars of the brands, people trust and that happened to be the initial concept of this App.

How does the Beepi Work for you?

Indeed Beepi has many distinctive attributes, which makes it stand apart from other many Car’s App, and what you do is, that you find a car depending on your budget and buy it and then the Beepi representative meets the seller and gives her/him the money and delivers you a car, you have bought. The story does not end here, as this exciting App, Beepi also gets you ten day test drive and if you do not feel with a car you have bought, so all you will have to do is to just inform Beepi and you will get your money back. You must know that every car that you come across on Beepi goes through 240 phases of inspection by extremely professional and properly trained Beepi representatives, who happen to be both shareholders in the company and employees as well.

What does make it stand apart from other Car Apps?

One of the distinctive elements of this App, is that it is not confined only to let you buy or sell out a car, in fact, it makes sure that the car you are seeing on this App, is properly inspected by the representatives of the Beepi who are certified mechanics, and they properly undergo an additional three months training at Beepi. As you like to sell out your car through Beepi, so the representative of the Beepi will visit you to check your car thoroughly with using a proper high quality camera to find out the details of the chassis of the car you are about to sell out. And after the representative of Beepi is done with the details of the chassis of your car, he/she will take 200 pictures of your car with taking a test drive in order to find out any sort of weird noises and as the representative is done with all these stages, so then, he/she will test normal braking and the acceleration and check the alignment as well.

Whom has the Beepi partnered with?

As Beepi seems to be on its way to make its strong existence in the car business, so that has made it make great partners such as Chase and credit unions to offer traditional financing and recently Ally Financial has come up with the announcement of offering leasing and that makes you pay for the entire car with a credit card or Bitcoin. According to the founder of Beepi there is really no break between online research and online buying and you may kick off the process online and finish it online and that happens to give you an advantage.


Well! Without being prejudiced for Beepi, one cannot help admiring the exciting features of this Car App that makes you eventually hold the steering wheel of a car that has to be bought by you. For many people the distinctive element of this Car App is that it has highly trained representatives, who take all the cars through different stages of inspection before making you an owner of any car. Beepi has also turned out to be the right platform for those entrepreneurs as well, who want to kick off their Car business as this App makes you find the most right cars, which they can sell them out without being worried for their condition, because the representatives of Beepi, makes sure that you come across a car, that happens to be in an extremely good condition and that is what the Beepi aims for, when it comes to cars. This indicates that this App, Beepi caters to the needs of both those who want to buy a car for their personal use and for those who want to kick off their car business with the aim of being known as the entrepreneurs in the car business, who have cars to sell out which are free from any issue.